Monday, April 28, 2008


It's the end of April and we had snow today. Correction...we had Slain. Snow and rain mix. Slain. Feel free to us it.

Poker tomorrow night. Again working on my live game. Gotta get my live game up before 5/17/08. 50.00 buy in for the game and other then Vegas my most expensive.

Work suck ass of course and nuthin I can do about that.

Batmite is as feisty as ever. We play a poker game every Monday night.

So pretty boring in my world.

Whats up in yours?

Live Life

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poker, The Draft, and Other Random Musings

Damn didnt realize that I hadnt blogged in a week or so.

1st up of course is poker. Entered in a 20 person tournament last weekend and came in 3rd. KInda pleased on how my live play has been improving. Now add beer and we just have trouble. Gotta get away from drinking while playing.

Now the NFL Draft. My Pittsburgh Steelers pissed ALOT of Bears fans off my selecting

PRO: Drafted by the Steelers in the first round (23rd overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft out of Illinois…became the first running back taken by Pittsburgh in the first round of the NFL Draft since the team selected Tim Worley in 1989 (7th overall)

COLLEGE: Gained 2,539 yards rushing, ranking seventh in school history…his 1,681 yards on the ground in 2007 broke the old Illini season-record of 1,330 yards by Antoineo Harris in 2002…his 214 yards vs. Indiana in 2007 rank sixth and his 203 yards vs. Minnesota in 2007 rank 11th on the school’s game-record rushing chart…his 22 touchdowns rushing tied Antoineo Harris (1999- 2002) for ninth on the Illini career-record list…his 17 rushing touchdowns in 2007 topped the previous school season-record of 15 by Howard Griffith in 1990…his three scoring runs in 2007 vs. Syracuse placed him fourth on the school game-record chart behind Griffith (8 vs. Southern Illinois in 1990), Red Grange (4 vs. Michigan in 1924) and Antoineo Harris (4 vs. Indiana in 2002)…ran for over 100 yards nine times during his career (team compiled a 7-2 record in those contests), tying him for third in school history…his eight 100-yard rushing games in 2007 established an Illinois season-record…his 1,999 all-purpose yards in 2007 broke the old school season-record of 1,818 yards by Keith Jones in 1988.

What I read in the Chicago paper was that the Bears were courting this cat and thought they had a winner. He He.

Iron Man comes out next weekend. Now I am a recovering Comic Book Geek. No joke I would at my prime drop about 100-150 a WEEK on comics. That dosent count the back issues I would buy. I purged and sold my whole collection and havent bought a book sence then but still love the characters.
Iron Man was always a cool character because he was flawed. He was a playboy and a drunk but then still had to suit up and save the world.

The Hulk is being remade this summer too. Looks good from what I have seen.

Now the movie that I am looking forward to is Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls. This looks fun and prolly the last Indy movie we will see.

Other then this work sucks, The horror convention FlashBack Weekend is'nt until July, and trying to play as much poker as possible.

So whats up with you?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Night

BatMite went to her mom's house for tha night.

Whatever am I gonna do?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a Sat!

What a day.

Started taking Batmite to a friends so she could head to a horse convention. Looking it up it appears it was one of the largest in the nation. After talking to her late last night she seems to have loved it.

Then it was to work to get some OT in while it lasts.

Once home and some Taco Bell in the belly took a nap with the cat.

I was woken by Contagion on the phone to see if I wanted to join in some drinking. Now not one to say no EVER to drinking I did have a poker game that night with another friend.

So I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and meet for drinks before the game. Always a good time with Contagion and we managed to not get kicked out but if the night continued I really dont know what would have happened.

Then off to the poker game. Now I only knew 2 people at this game and kinda nervous going up against what at final total was 19 people but after getting comfortable I ended up in 3rd place.

I am getting more confident in my live game and I think I am ready to start playing more. (if I can)

Poker is my addiction.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thoughts with you and your family. Hope it all turns out ok

Stick a fork I am done with the day

Started with a phone call that the ladiy (use the term lightly) was just a total and complete witch.

Couldnt shake it off and then was called in to talk about my attendance.

They dont like when you tell them the reason you call in sick is because you cant get a day off because "to many people are off" and the job is stressfull as all hell.

I may ne a full time poker player and blogger soon!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I am offically on Tilt. (google it)


I am offically on Tilt. (google it)

I miss


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day #2

Yesterday was soo good had to take another day off!

Had a little fun, eat some pizza and ice cream, the sun came out and made it not a bad day.

Oh ya and made back MAD amounts of cash in poker online.

I have an event tomorrow that I am a little nervous about and will fill you in on Friday.

After the event I have my weekly poker night at a local establishment.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is pretty damn funny

From the Onion. No wonder Contagion is a Packer fan!

CHICAGO—The league-leading Chicago Bears defense, which overpowered and dominated the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday en route to a 37-6 victory, took time after the game to emphasize that they would not have had the extra energy needed to hold the Seattle offense to a mere two field goals if it weren't for the mass cannibalization of nearly 60,000 of their hometown fans.

"Without a doubt, these are the best fans in the world," said Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who said that without the rush he received from the supportive, nutrient-rich Bears fans he devoured during the game, he would not have had the strength to make seven tackles during the game, five of which were unassisted.

"They gave us what we needed to play hard all four quarters, and this win is definitely for them," continued Urlacher, pointing to a section of empty, blood-stained seats that still housed the uneaten portions of dozens of loyal fans.

"Mmmm," Urlacher added.

"When I hear that crowd screaming, it just makes me hungrier and hungrier," said Bears nickelback Ricky Manning Jr., who had four tackles against the Seahawks, and credits the 19 beta-keratin-rich fans he ate for his ability to see Matt Hasslebeck's eyes, aiding him in making two key interceptions. "Many people say that your crowd doesn't make a difference, but in well-fed, nutrient-rich Chicago, that certainly isn't the case."

"They're simply the best," Manning added, licking his blood-encrusted teeth, the remnants of a gnarled human index finger still wedged in the gap of his two incisors.

Bears fans are renowned as some of the largest, most well-rounded, vitamin-laden fans throughout the National Football League. Although the NFL does not keep statistics on the nutrition content of its crowds, conventional wisdom holds that the amount of protein in the Soldier Field crowd, thought to be double the league average, has allowed Bears defenses throughout history to quickly build and repair stressed muscle tissue during grueling 16-game seasons.

"There is no question that they keep us going down the stretch," said 300-pound defensive tackle Tank Johnson, who says he gets a rush of energy from the women and children in attendance when he chews open their stomachs to consume any leftover carbohydrates stored in their digestive systems and the belly fat of their abdominal cavities before gulping down their cheeks and the flesh around their eye sockets, which he says gives him the necessary supplement of the L-cysteine amino acid. "The sacrifice these fans make, especially the ones who travel to the away games… It just hits you right in the gut."

""I've heard from guys who play in Miami, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota, and they all complain that their fans just aren't as good as ours," added Johnson with a slight belch brought on by the high fat content of a fan who used to sit right behind the goalpost.

302-pound defensive lineman Ian Scott agreed with his teammates, saying that there is just something different about the heart of a Bears fan that is different from that of any other in the league.

"It isn't just their heart—it's their nutrient-rich kidneys and livers, too, that make them such an integral part of the game," said Scott, who along with safety Mike Brown, linebacker Lance Briggs, and cornerback Charles Tillman, tends to enjoy the fleshy calf and thigh muscles first while coating their exposed skin with the excess fat adhering to fans' bones in order to keep themselves warm during brutal Chicago winters. "I don't know how many times opposing quarterbacks have been unnerved by our unique relationship with the good, tender, juicy people of Chicago, and have thrown an interception or fumbled a snap because of it."

"I can't imagine eating any other fans, and I hope I never have to," Scott added.

With the Bears jumping quickly out of the gate with a 4-0 record, many in Chicago are talking Super Bowl, and though head coach Lovie Smith said he plans to take it one game at a time, he knows the benefit of having a home-crowd presence on the world's grandest stage.

"Hopefully we can pack the stadium in Miami with Bears fans," Smith said. "It'd be great to have their unique Soldier Field flavor with us to help get us through the big one without a hiccup."

You just need it sometimes!

You ever have days to where you just dont want to deal with the worlds problems? You just want to be greedy and have a day for yourself?

I woke up this am and really didnt want to hear about peoples problems today. I just wanted to put on some good music and just chill.

Tomorrow willbe back to the grind saving the world one problem at a time but for today i am still in my PJ's after waking up a little before 1pm. Slept the whole damn day away! But I need to mentally recharge for just one day.

Take my advice and have one.

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Hulu... Damn you.

A guilty pleasure from high school. Never missed a Doogie night....Now a Barney night

Sunday, April 6, 2008


TO any of my fellow My Space peoples that have decided to travel down the dark and spooky path that is Me!

Now on to the good stuff. A good friend who we will call Viking Woman due to her unfortanutely being a residnet on Minnasota had a comment that got me thinking.

She was listening to a record the other day and she said it took her back to "Simpler Times"

Now to the younger "kids" a record is 3 times the size of a CD, black, and you have to manually change songs and flip over to play the other side. Someone who has a better discription feel free to leave one.
Back on track, her comment made me thing that really some songs take you back to a time where it brings back a memory that is so vivid it is like you are there again or brings back memories that either should be left buried or need to be relived.

Anything by Supertramp "Breakfest in America" takes me back to living in San Diego on the beach, riding my bike and digging for sand crabs.

Def Leppard "Hysteria" Skipping school in Pittsburgh to go to the Venture and by it on it's first day out.

Procul Harem "Whiter Shade of Pale" My near death expirence and made me really start to try to live life to the fullest and to never close my mind or narrow my feelings cause in one instant, you are gone to the beyond.

Lastly Cheap Trick "Takin Me Back" Cause that is exactly what it does.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this and also your songs.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Hulu

I loved this show as a kid. Kinda hokey now but hey!

I live for moments like this

Thanks to Hulu I now can geek out to shows that I dug as a young caped crusader

Hawk Rocked!!