Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who Tuesday

Well my inner geek is out.

I love Dr Who. Below is the changing of the actors. narf!


and lastly....

for now.... we have another Doctor!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

sorry!!! really I am!!

Distracted again....... guys, enjoy Olivia Munn. I love her


I got distracted....... sorry

See A Semi-Regular Post!!!

See! A new post in less then a week form the last one.


Getting ready tonight for the Annual House Party. My roomate and I usually have one a year. Cooking out, keg of beer, jello shots for the foo foo people and just good times with friends.

I mowed the lawn, put the safety locks on the BatCave and BatMites room, picked up and put the keg on ice, ( thanks B!) and now a quick post before a jump into the shower to get ready.

We are doing an 80's theme tonight (thought of and sent before the whole Jacko thing) so Dylan from 90210 will be making an appearence 2night with his tight rolled jeans, white shirt and black leather vest. Better watch out for Brenda!

Friday, June 26, 2009

ok call me a bit insensitive

But is it wrong to think that Michael Jackson is getting more air time then Farrah and Ed McMahon?

All day at work on the TV I hear about Jacko and all that is happening with his death.

Lets give some respect and some compassion to Farrah and what she was through.

Damn the media

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What the hell?

Sorry again for not blogging. Been dealing with 90 degree days, a moody tween and no money

Hi! how are ya?

Now we had the 3 happen.

Farrah Faucett, Ed McMahon, and Michael Jackson.

What an end to June.

For Old Skool Thursday we will pay tribute to the self proclaimed "King Of Pop" No matter what happened you cannot deny his mark on music as we know it.

I give you...... Dirty Diana

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Triumph the Insult Dog At Bonaroo

I love this dog. Enjoy

Sorry again


I am not posting daily. I have BatMite home and nights are busy. I will post tomorrow night about Saturday night when the Gods tried to wipe out the town.

Crazy stuff!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tookey Tuesday

Seriously nuthin happen

BatMite is with her mom til friday.

Work, wine, and sleep, repeat.

Whats up with you?

Friday, June 12, 2009


We beat Detroit 2-1

Hmmm our Stelers get the Lombardi and the Penguins get the Cup


He he Chinchilla Day

Another reason to go to Vegas! LOL

Oh by the way Penguins are up 2-0

friday night Penguins!

Watching my Pittsburgh Penguins hopefully win Lord Stanleys Cup tonight.

Currently at 0-0

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tuesday update

Hey all, welcome to Tuesday.

Work hasnt been bad, I am on a special project that has me off the phones for the whole week so no compaints yet.

Getting back into the summer schedule with batMite and dealing with picking up after her. Now I am not a neat freak by any stretch but I like a clean house. But picking up after a tween has been very...trying.

But if that is the only complain this summer then I will take it.

Reired the speaker wires in the BatCave and rearranged a few things.

Watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hopefully pull this out against the Detroit Red Wings. Then we have to go to Detroit to win the Stanley Cup.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fantasy Football Costs Money!

Now I am a huge Fantasy Footabll person. I have been in a league with Contagion, Ktreva and a few others for the past few years.

It's fun an d allows us to talk smack and really take our love of football to the next level.

Now every year we do the free leagues on NFL.com (go show them some love!) but this year I decided that I was going to do something different. I wanted to instaed of having the draft for our teams online with everyone at their own computers, do it live in person at a location then put all those picks in the computer afterwards. I knew that it would cost a fee for this but like 30-40 bucks which most of the people in the league said they would pay like 5 bucks. THis would cover it.

Until I went on today and saw that it costs 130.00.

For fantasy football.

For real.


SO now I am torn, seeing if people would pay like 10.00 ( and there are like 10-12 people ) or just going the free way again this year.

Who would have thought that fake sports could cost so much?

Good thing that there is still 2 months until the preseason. Time to save up.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekly Update with Bruce

Well what a week its been!!

BatMite came home on Tuesday for the summer. And it didnt take long to get back into the riutal of things. I sleep better now with her home except for ALL of her friends calling and her dissapearing for hours to be on the phone.
She even got me to read Twilight, that teenage vampire book. (it wasnt THAT bad)

The Fiasco (what I am calling it now) with the Rock River Raptors was finally cleared up on Thursday with my only out 70.00. After calling non stop Monday-Wednesday I was able to get the 400.00 and the 350.00 in NSF fees put back in the bank acct. There were 2 charges that came in by auto insurance and when brought up to the general manager of the raptors I got back "you arent geting any more money out of me"


Now mind you this was ALL his fault by not destroying the check in the 1st place, so one would think that maybe just maybe he would want to make not only things right but keep season ticket holder #2 happy. Not the case.

So at this point I should be happy that I at least got that much taken care of cause to be honest I thought that I would have to go to court to get the NSF fees back. Thats how bad it got.

So my warning do not have any finacial doings with the Rock River Raptors or any other their other teams, the Thunder and Rage. You will be sorry and now begins my mission of educating the public about this poorly run, non fan friendly organization. If I can help just one person then my work is fufilled.

The rest of the week (just Friday) passed as usual.

Now I was supposed to go to a convention on Sat to see the stars of an english show called Torchwood. It's a spinoff of Dr Who. (my inner nerd I know but shut it!) The main actor John Barrowman was the main guest. He seems pretty cool and below is his show.

He injured himself and was not able to make it at the last minute cancelling my friend and I plans on going. Another actor Peter Wingfield was brought in as a last minute replacement. His main claim was playing Mythos in the Highlander tv show. Here he is...

I still may try to go on Sunday but who knows.

Now BatMite and I (if she ever gets ready, taken her 2 hours so far) will hit the movies and do our shopping this afternoon.

Plannin on going to a friends house to see the Stanley Cup game between my Pitsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. The series is tied at 2 games a piece.

Hve a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am SOOOOOOO there

If you know me you know that I am a HUGE Beatles fan.

I have seen every Beatles cover band that has come close to the area. My favorite album is Rubber Soul.

Across the Universe is one of my fav movies.

So imagine my delight when I 1st heard that there were rumblings that a Rock Band Beatles was in the works.

Now I, like many others, didnt thing that this would ever get made. Too many people that would not let the name be attached to a lackluster or inferior game.

But I have to give credit tot he Fab 4. THis looks good. You will not be seeing me post much when I get this on its release date. Anyone want to come over and be Ringo? I am Paul.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raptors Update

Well here it is Tuesday and finally geting some movement.

After 1st contacting the front office on Friday and no word all weekend, I finally get a call today from the GM's wife.

She has a check for the 400.00 but not the 350.00 for the overdraft fees. After mentioning this she states that she has to talk to her husband.

I just got a call from him and was told that the 1st he heard of it was today. Hmmm so NO ONE called or contacted him on Friday or during the weekend. Hmmm. Well now we have the 400.00 and hopefully they will call my bank to waive the overdraft fees.

Stay tuned true believers, the storys not done with yet!!