Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Garth Brooks

Now they just had on his One Night, One City, One Show concert and I had thoughts.

Noe I like Garth. GOod music and he seemed to have fun.

Then like the Beatles he got too big and it started to take over so he got out. Good for him.

Now it lloks like he is getting restless and looking to do shows. Now I am all for it but my roommate had a comment that it would be like before just this all encompassing riot.

I disagree.

TIme has gone by and now his popularty will still be huge it wont be like it was before.

Either way it was cool to hear some good music live from him again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


After working 7-7 Monday and Tuesday and after watching the Football game between the Steelers and Dolphins at Shrek's house I am tired.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging with Contagion at a local watering hole Fritz's.

Gods I love this bar.

We were later joined by Wes and Shadowglare and after watching the Tennessee Vols win in 4 overtimes (or was it five?) I decided I was sober enough to get back home and visit with BatMite for a bit.

Ummm no.

Thanks again to my Enabler (Contagion) I was told by the folks giving me a ride home that I was not driving ANYWHERE! Actually now at 9:25 am I just got back from picking up my car from Contagions.

So two lessons learned.

1. You cannot keep up with Contagion. He is a force beyond reckoning.

2. Any bright idea you get in your head after a day at Fritz's is NOT a good idea and to completely disregard the thought.

Wes, Shadogare, and Contagion, I am sorry for leaving earlier then thought but this morning looking back on it, this was a GOOD idea.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go prepare my liver for football with Contagion and friends followed up by an Icehogs game tonight.

I hope no bright ideas pop in my head.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanks to Contagion's post href=""> about the USS Flagg I went looking myself.

The USS Flagg was a GI Joe toy and was an aircraft carrier that you could land your planes on and defend from the evil forces of Cobra, a terrorist orginazation bent on taking over the world.

This brought back some good memories on when I was able to find and OWN it years later as an adult.

About 10 years ago or so I was in a local toy shop that carried toys from my youth along with comics and the owner was pretty cool. After talking he said he had just gotten a few things in that he did not have time to put out and if I wanted a look.


Now to give a bit of back story I used to be one of THOSE toy collectors. It started with getting back a bit of my childhood (as messed up as it was) and to get back the few things that brought me joy in a fracked up household.

Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, comics exc.

THen Star Wars started to release new toys. I then went to classic and new along with the McFarland toys Spawn and his sports figures (which rock)

Then I went cold turkey and sold all of what I had after about 10 years of collecting.

But back to the toy store... looking in the back room thee were a few toys that I immediately put aside for myself and damn the wife back at home. THis stuff was MINE! He then pointed me to a box in the corner and told me that it was a bit pricey but to take a look.

Now people see the commercials with the kid freaking out at X-Mas and that is funny put picture a 26-28 year old doing the same!!

He had a USS Flagg in the box!!!

Here is a pic and to give credit the blog link is at the bottom of mine

Now this thing is HUGE!! and as a kid this was the holy grail. I did not know one kid that had it and even the rich ones.

Now my friends and I created our own but they were pathetic and not even close. I had all of the tihings that are on the picture BUT the Flagg.

Flash forward to then and me holding the box making little noises that REALLY scared the toy shop owner and in a voice (loking back it must have been like Gollum from Lord Of the Rings) asked how much? Bracing for what may lead to my divorce, the price was agreed and the box (with other toys) was loaded up.

Now True Believers the SIZE of this thing cannot be understated. Opening up the box and starting to put this together i had to use an old door that we had. Yes you read right I had to use a DOOR to have this rest on.

The rest is stuff of legend.

I played for like 2 hours and of course the ex was ticked but for those 2 hours I was 10 again and battling the forces of Cobra!

Whew back again.

Ok so long story short I owned it and for just a little bit I was transported to that magical place that we go as kids that is not here in reality but to a place where all troubles, evils, and horrors are gone.

The link

Turkey Day Part Deux

Ok so I learned a lesson with Turkey.

After brining (which is awesome) You need to tack on about 30-60 minutes MORE cooking time.

I seem to not be experiencing food poisoning symptoms so I think I am ok.

Year 2 of alone and waxing nostalgstic went well and found that ANY chardonnay goes well with turkey.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

The only goal I had last night was to win a turkey.

My plan was was to cook my turkey and fixins, drink a bottle or 2 of wine, and watch my football.

Went to a local resturant/bar cause they had a raffle every 10 minutes to win a turkey.

My mission: Win the bird.

SO after work drove as fast as the weather would allow expecting to see a parking lot full but not full at all!

Went in and got a beer for me and my friend and 2 turkey tickets.

After one beer they announce the 1st number.

My number.

I won my bird!

It just went into the oven after an afternoon of brining and after watching Green Bay win (boo) now watching Dallas win (yay)

Happy Turkey day to you all and may you take a moment to give thanks to the guys overseas.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pox day 4


Online poker? Check

Madden 08? Check

Fantasy Football? Check

Daytime TV? Christ I dont know how people do it?!!!

Maury? The View? Drew Carey on Price is Right? I had only heard rumors but good god!!!

No wonder there are pornos about Bored Housewives cause if I wasnt covered in bumps I might be one!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frack Frack Frack

Now isnt there supposed to be some diseases that are wiped clean off the face of the earth?

Let me back up true believers and start at the beginning.

Friday night put together a few people to go out and do an amateur ghost hunt. The kicker? I had accepted a ticket to the home season opener for the Rockford Icehogs. Now personal feelings aside (i will talk about that in my next blog) I have NEVER missed an opener since Season 1 and while the lure of the Supernatural is great....Its Hockey!!!

The game went to a shootout which went after 1030. This is when I was to meet my band of intrepid hunters.

A quick phone call and all is good. Arrive on the spot at 11:05 (ish) and off we go to Mt Thabor Cemetary.

Aside form it being Fracking cold and running into the ghost cat (a friendly field cat, this place is next to fields) and getting a few orbs not much happened.
One of our group was from the area and was supposed to take us to the next location.

Ummmmm can you say wrong turn?

So finally called it about 130-200 or so.

Asleep by 230 and alarm going off at 5:50.

Work from 7-12 and then went to pick up Bat Mite for an extended weekend to hang.
Now of course I felt tired and after a 2 hour nap we went to the mall to shop. I got REALLY hot and started to sweat like crazy there.

Came home and FROZE the night.

Had Contagion over on Sunday with some freinds for football and didnt feel good enough to drink.
Skip to Tuesday when a friend at work noticed bumps like pimples.

Then there were more.

Now a little back story, I have neve had the Chicken Pox.

Only one in 3rd grade to not catch them and I wore it like a badge of honor.

Until Tuesday.

Here is the Sportscenter update:
I go to Immediate Care. Doc looks at me and sez not the Pox. Go back to work. Get home drink Niquil and pass out. Wake up Wed morning and I look like The Thing from the Fantastic Four.
Not PRetty and it is the POX!

Now need a note from a doc that I am not contagious and missing out on work.

How was your day dear?