Sunday, May 31, 2009

hey made the news.

made the news. can u see Contagion?

Weekend Update with Bruce!!!

Well after the fiasco that was the Rock River Raptors witch started the weekend on such a wonderful tone, it wasnt that bad!

Started Saturday going on what turned out to be a history of the Coronado Theatre. It was supposed to be a ghost hunt with a stateline ghost group but for the 1st 2 hours was a history of the theatre.
Not that it was bad, from a historical standpoint it was really cool and got to go to alot of places in there that the normal person wouldnt be able to.

This was followed up with a well needed "debrief" at the Hope and Anchor.

Sunday brought Sun, Deck, and leftover grilling. I make a tequila/lime marinade on a steak and some garlic/salt sliced potatoes, along with beans and burgers for lunches next week.

Now a bottle of wine and poker for the rest of the night.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Bold print for a bold message.

My day was started by my phone calls to get in touch with ANYONE associated in the Rock River Raptors office. This was a feat in all itself.

Now to explain, in the past when you called their office there was SOMEONE who answered the phone. Now in the past 3 years it has gotten progressivly worse in talking to a human. The customer service aspect also has really gone downhill.
How I bought my season tickets the 1st year was sitting in the office with the owner, talking about football and where the team came from, and the hopes here in Rockford. I at the time mistakenly said that this was something the town needed. Football in the off season. A gold mine.

Now years after the fact, 2 or 3 ownership changes later, and a declining audience because of the way they treat their fans, the writing is on the wall.

Back to my dilemna. I was finally able to talk to a person that told me that "We will look into it and call you back"

No call back.

I called back at 330 and again got the brush off "We are pulling the records and looking into"

Now never mind that I am flat broke until this gets resolved.

Finally after not haning up like they wanted me to I was told that they called the owner Bob Lowe and he is looking into now. Again I tried to stress that I really needed this resolved because I have no cash. I was told "it really sucks I know but he is looking into it"
I ask so when will I hear? How can I call back? Is there a direct number?
Answers in order. No clue, Call here if you want, No number to Bob Lowe.
What time do you close? 430 for the weekend.

So I decided to then take it to the next level. I tried to give the Raptors the benefit of the doubt, give them time to make it right, just like when I sat in that office 4 years ago and shook the hand of a man.

Good Luck

I went to my bank and they are now going to take up the fight. If they dont heat from the Raptors then they will credit the account and then go after them for a reimbursement.

I wish them luck.

So after today I am now a PAST ticket holder for the Rock River Raptors.

Care to join me?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am done with the Rock River Raptors!!!

Ok I wite this from a feeling of pure anger. I have not been this mad for YEARS so bear with me for typos.

I have with Contagion been very vocal with the way the management has been running the team in the past 2 years.

From the way they have been treating the season ticket holders (us) from taking the little things away then just downright not returning calls to us. We even had a HUGE issue with a refund that we were owed from playoff tickets that were never used. We were to get a refund that NEVER came in. Finally after I think bodily harm was threatened people got refunds or put towards their tickets for the next year. ONLY after hounding for months. Not weeks MONTHS.

So with all of this and the lack of any type of contact form the front office sealed the deal that this was going to be my last year as a season ticket holder.

So this year I mailed my check which never seemed to get to the Raptors to pay for my tickets. 400.00.
Finally I just paid for them over the phone with the assurance that the check would be destroyed.

So imagine my shock when after not being able to get money from the ATM I logged onto my checking acct and saw that a check for 400.00 was presented to my bank not once but......twice!!

Now the 1st time my bank didnt cash it but charged a 25.00 fee. Now they have cashed it and created and overdraft and 13 NSF fees at 35.00 a piece.

What the hell???

So I have emailed the back and will be calling them tomorrow and have a call and email into the Raptors on when they will be crediting my acct the 400.00 and also the 13 NSF fees and the 25.00 check fee.

So if you want to see the Raptors next year (if they are even here) keep one hand on your wallet and make sure you sign NOTHING!

Damn what a start to the weekend huh?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wild weekend!


What a weekend

It started out by heading to the Hope And Anchor Pub for drinks and some good old fashioned karoke.

Below is what happens when you add New Castle on AWESOMENESS!!

Saturday was a chill day. Relaxed and hung out.

Sunday was Contagions Beer Tasting and a good time was had by all.

Monday again was a chill day.

Tuesday back to the grind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend

Take a moment to pay respect to those that have paved the way to have the comfort and freedoms we have right now.

Started the weekend at the Hope And Anchor with friends for drinks and singing. Sound Express (thanks Corey) had the kareoke in the hizzow. I totally rocked Purple Rain by Prince.

My voice is gone and my legs hurt.

Good times

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What A Tuesday

Wonderful weather... sunny and in the middle 70's

Time on the deck with the laptop

Music and a botle of wine

Poker night on Thursday at the batcave

The Hope and Anchor Pub on Friday

Relax on Sat

Contagions Beer tasting on Sunday

Monday relax

Hmmm shaping up to be a good weekend.

Just missing BatMite from it but she will be back home for the summer in 2 weeks

Good times people....good times

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Sunday

I have been a bad blogger but really nothing has been goin on lately.

Autumn is home this weekend. 2 more weeks and she is back full time for the summer. Now I have to find her tween self something to do.

Work is there. To be honest not all that bad. We now have a new mentality due to the cutbacks of "shut up, sit down and work" And to volunteer for every thing that comes up. Really cant be without a job now.

Been visiting the Hope and Anchor pretty regularly. Starting to feel like Cheers. I walk in and everyone is "Bruce!"

Really need to start running again. I have a few winter pounds that i need to get gone before the summer is here.

Sow how are you?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Thursday

No old school Thursday.

Been a work filled week.

Nothing happening.

Kinda just chill

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ocho De mayo

Good Saturday Morning!

Last night got together with a few friends to celebrate Ocho De Mayo (8th of May)

We couldnt celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year so we enjoyed a good time outside until the rain drove us in.

Good times sitting back talking about the past and realizing that we are getting OLD!

One memorable quote from the night comes from my good friend B

"Ass Hostas"

nuff said

Thursday, May 7, 2009


On the Craig Fergeson a leather kilt

That man is the shite!!!

Old School Thursday

Today kids grab a beer and sit back.

turn the tv and the radio off

turn your PC or laptop speakers up

Its time your ear holes pay homage to one of the greatest blues players.

Stevie Ray Vaughn

He was tragically taken from us after a blistering set at Alpine Valley just up the road in Wis.

It is said that he would take super glue and glue back on the calesus on his finger to play.

This is "Texas Flood"

Sit back and just the music take you like the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Ahhh ya

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De mayo

Again another foreign celebration that Americans took and made their own.

have a mexican beer andscream out mexican swear words tonight!

Just back from the Old Chicago after a beer or 3

Free beer tasting there tomorrow. I feel bad on not being at the Hope and Anchor pub.

Back to work today and it sucked. The cut all overtime so checks havent been what we have been used to. Then I find out that my boss messed up and shorted me 7 hours. Can be put back until NEXT check.

Christ i need a drink

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Sunny and 72.

Drove BatMite all the way back home which was nice.

Prepping for a walkthrough of a haunted bar. I am part of a paranormal group that just started up and this will be the groups 1st case.

I will let you know what happens but if you have any paranormal places that can be investigated (aside from graveyards please) let me know.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well trying to recover from this mini cold I have picked up, BatMite and I went to the Hope And Anchor pub to play some pool.

She took one game and I whooped her the other.

Now sitting in for a movie night. Damn the weekend flys

Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Shcool Friday

Sorry havent been feeling good lately.

Instead of music I fgured I would put some cartoon and toy commercials from the 80's

lastley a toy commercial that we boys from the 80's know and love