Monday, June 18, 2007

The Raptor Bus Trip

On Sat night Contagion myself and a friend of mine had the chance to take a fan bus to Bloomington to see the Raptors take on the Extreme.

MANY beers were drunk and my kidney still hurts form when I was sucker punched by Contagion.

Now we were victorious by 1 point but hey a Win is a Win!

Now on the way back we sat next to Tom (Tim) Crow who is the General Manager of the Raptors.

A very cool guy who looks to make his team better by listening to and sometimes implements suggestions form just regular armchair quarterbacks.

We talked back and forth over many beers and Tom (Tim) is a real stand up guy.

Tim is what a drunkun Contagion called Mr. Crow.

Now on the raptors website we have the following and maybe Contagion can shed some light on the last comment if he chooses......

Raptors Defeat Extreme
Raptors Defeat Extreme in close match up... Stay tuned for more information... or visit to read the updated articles and for current stats... Also, a big "Thank You" goes out to our first official fan bus trip of the season... Good Times Cheeto...

Hmmmm Cheeto?


Contagion said...

It was a good time, lots of fun. If it falls on a weekend I can go next year, I'm definitely going again!

As for the Cheeto comment. They'll have to hit my post for the answer.

Contagion said...

SLACKER!!!!!!!! It's been a week!

Anonymous said...

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