Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Saturday part 2

Now after helping me pick up and bring home my new Big Boy bed
Contagion and I headed to Fritz's for a mello afternoon with good people and lots of beer.

True Believers the unthinkable happened.

I lapped Contagion the first 3 beers.

Even Fritz didnt know what to think.

The beer tasted good and my glass magically kept getting fuller. It's those damn beer elves again.

This may never happen again but I guess I will take my samll victory when I can.

You need a nipple for your bottle Contagion?

1 comment:

That 1 Guy said...

If Contagion hadn't told me himself, I'm not sure that I'd have believed it.

Not that I think you're a liar, or anything, but you did write a post about how six whole beers kicked your tail.